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Mayor Donald R. Grebien

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Street Sweeping Schedule

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Birth records on file in the City Clerk’s office date back to 1728. Records 100 
years and older are public records. All records less than 100 years old are only
available by request to the person named on the record or to a close relative.

Alternate parking locations during street sweeping and recycling weeks.

Keeping Pawtucket Twice as Nice!

Pawtucket belongs to all of us. It’s our responsibility to care for the city that we love and will eventually hand down to our children. Street Cleaning and Recycling are just two of the ways that we keep the city clean, healthy, and safe. 

We want to double down on our efforts to make Pawtucket a cleaner, greener place to live and work–but we need your help.

A Better Plan

Starting April 8th – Street Cleaning will now take place on the same day as Recycling Service. To make sure that this happens safely and efficiently, there will be a PARKING BAN/ticketing during this time from 7AM-3PM.

Benefits of Combined Street Cleaning & Recycling Days (#CCGCPawtucket)
  • Streamlined and reliable recycling pickup for you! 
  • A simpler and more predictable parking ban. 
  • Better protection of storm drains for a cleaner environment. 
  • Clears up issues with automatic recycling pick-up and cars being in the way.
  • Improved sweeping to keep roads clean and beautiful.

This change will improve our recycling and street sweeping services, making our city cleaner and greener. Aligning the schedules will give the City easier access to clean our streets, streamline recycling bin pick-up, and make it easier for residents to identify when a parking ban is in place.
Mayor Donald R. Grebien

New Schedule

Starting April 3rd – Street Sweeping will take place on your recycling day. Click here to open the schedule

Please look for signs in your neighborhood to avoid tickets and towing!

Other Cleaner, Green Initiatives

The City is also working to improve the environment by offering free tree plantings and rain collection barrels for residents, and recycling collection for local businesses. Businesses that participate in the recycling program will be eligible to receive a recycling cart, free of charge. For more information and to apply for a tree, rain barrel, or recycling bin please see the following:

Cleaner, Greener Pawtucket

Installing rain barrels is an easy way for property owners to harvest stormwater runoff on their property, which reduces the stress on the city’s drainage system. The water retained in the barrel can be used to water grass or flowers, and in doing so, the homeowner lessens their impact on the environment and saves money on their water bill. 

To receive a free rain barrel for your property, please fill out the online application.

Thank you for making Pawtucket greener! Mayor Donald R. Grebien