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Snow Parking Ban Information

Discover information on snow parking bans.

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Once a winter storm emergency has been declared, an on-street parking ban will be put into effect on all city streets.

All vehicles must be moved off of the street at that time.


The parking ban will be posted on local radio and television broadcasts and on the city website.


You can call the police station at (401) 727-9100 and dial Ext. 888 on the auto attendant to check on a parking ban.

During snow parking bans, parking will be available in manurial lots throughout the city.
Click here for alternative parking locations.

Vehicle Removal

All vehicle owners are required by city ordinance to move their vehicles out of the designated municipal parking areas within two hours of a parking ban being lifted or face towing and a fine of $100. 

Violators willl be fined and towed at the owners’ expense.

Sidewalk Snow Removal Required

According to city ordinance, the owner, occupant or other responsible person shall have snow and ice removed from a sidewalk intended for pedestrians not later than the first 12 hours of daylight after the end of a snowstorm. Violations are subject to fines beginning at $25 for a first offense. The fine is given at the end of each snowstorm, not at the end of the season.

Senior Snow Shoveling Assistance

Seniors interested in receiving shoveling assistance or students interested in volunteering can contact Mayor Grebien’s office by calling 401-728-0500 Ext. 281 or by emailing