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Youth to Senior Snow Shoveling Program Continues in Pawtucket

Pawtucket – Mayor Donald R. Grebien and the Pawtucket City Council have announced that the Pawtucket’s Youth to Senior Shoveling Program is now accepting requests from Pawtucket seniors to be placed on the list to be matched with a snow shoveling volunteer for this winter. After another successful season last year matching dedicated youth volunteers with senior citizens from the Pawtucket community who need assistance in shoveling their stairs and sidewalks, the City of Pawtucket is proud to continue this program for the 8th year.




The program was spearheaded by Beth Roberge who will be stepping aside after seven years as Senior Liaison.


“I cannot put into words how thankful I am for her service to our community and the senior population as she began and elevated the program. It truly flourished under her leadership and care, gaining notoriety from various media outlets and questions from other cities throughout the country on her template for success,” said Mayor Donald R. Grebien.

For this year, Homeless Liaison, Thomas Hodge, will take on the responsibility of the Senior Liaison for the upcoming year.

“Tom has been a true asset to our community and my administration, especially with his leadership in bringing back showers for the homeless population in the city of Pawtucket,” said Mayor Donald R. Grebien. “I am confident that he will continue the great work of the Youth to Senior Snow Shoveling Program that was so successful under Beth as we search for a Senior Liaison for the following year.”

Through this program, youth volunteers donate their time and effort to help elderly residents of Pawtucket who are unable to shovel snow during the harsh winter months. Youth are paired with senior citizens in their neighborhood and are deployed to the senior’s residence during and after snowfall that requires shoveling. Shoveling stairs poses numerous health risks to seniors. This program is designed to reduce seniors’ exposure to those risks in difficult winter conditions. Thanks to the help of the Pawtucket Public School Department and our local schools, the City’s Senior Liaison is able to recruit student volunteers from our schools.

Seniors interested in receiving shoveling assistance or obtaining further information about the program can contact the Tom Hodge by calling 401-728-0500 Ext. 357. If Mr. Hodge is not immediately available to answer, people are encouraged to leave a message with their complete name, address and telephone number. Mr. Hodge may also be contacted by emailing

Seniors should note that this volunteer-based service is not guaranteed, even if they called in early and were placed on the list. The service is contingent upon the availability of youth volunteers in the specific neighborhood where Senior residents have applied. It is also important for seniors to note that if they were on the list last year, they must reapply to be placed on the list again this year. The City of Pawtucket is committed to serving as many residents as possible through this initiative, and thanks all volunteers for serving the community.

If you are a youth or a parent/guardian of the youth and would like your child to participate in the program, please contact Kerri Barboza, Coordinator of Family and Community Engagement for the Pawtucket School Department, at 401-729-6330 Ext. 330 or via email at


For Immediate Release
October 11, 2019
Contact: Wil Arboleda
401-728-0500 Ext. 358

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