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Things are Brewing at Foolproof Brewing Company

The city of Pawtucket is home to many unique and top-class businesses, and Foolproof Brewing Company stands as a prime example. Nick Garrison – President & Founder – started down the road of brewing beer as a hobby. He was gifted a brewing kit by his parents the year he moved to Rhode Island, and is not hesitant to say that those first two buckets changed his life.

The skill and drive to succeed were there. The city of Pawtucket provided the rest. In return, Foolproof plays its part in the economic boom that craft beer and breweries as a whole provide to their city. Tourism and job opportunities carry a huge impact for a city. That’s only a fraction of what the craft beer industry can offer, and it’s continuing to grow year in and year out. As it stands, they make up roughly 22% of the national beer market, accounting for nearly $23.5 billion per year.

In less than a decade, a two-hundred-year-old business saw its establishments multiply sevenfold, and increase the number of workers by 120%. Craft beer is an industry on the rise. Pawtucket, with its vast mill spaces and top of the line water treatment facility is a prime location for breweries. They mean companies like Foolproof Brewing are only the beginning.

Six years, fourteen employees, and twenty-three draft lines in their tap with selections ranging from IPA’s, to lagers, to stouts and more, Foolproof Brewing Company has done a lot since it made Pawtucket its home. There’s plenty more to come, too. Expansion is the name of the game, and the staff understands the growing allure of Rhode Island to the rest of the country. Regional, national, international, the sky’s the limit for where this Pawtucket brewery can go.

One of the highlights of Nick’s work is the excitement and anticipation that comes with releasing a new beer. The smiles on the faces of those he sees walk into the brewery and try it for the first time is truly special. And it’s a group effort. When we asked Nick about his favorite beer that Foolproof put out so far, he answered, “That’s like asking who your favorite child is.” He values his team above everything else. Creative input comes from every level of the company. Style, flavor, name, label, all of it is influenced by the brewery as a whole.

That’s what Foolproof is. A brewery of many, rather than a company of one. That’s what the city of Pawtucket is, too. One place made up of many people, and made that much better because of it.

Foolproof Brewing Company announces its new flavors on their social media before anywhere else. Their tasting hours are Thursday and Friday evenings, from 4 – 7 p.m., and 1 – 6 p.m. on the weekends. Hourly tours take place from 1 – 4 p.m. and run around 30 minutes long. Be sure to follow them at to be among the first to know when and what’s coming down the line. Who knows? It might just be your new favorite.

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