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Pawtucket Officials Announce Automated Trash Collection

Pawtucket – The City of Pawtucket, through its Department of Public Works (DPW), has announced that new closed-lid trash bins will be purchased citywide. Weekly automated trash, similar to the current biweekly recycling collection for the city, is set to begin no later than fall.

“The City continues to prioritize the quality of life of our residents,” said Mayor Donald R. Grebien. “I would like to thank the City Council for teaming up with the administration to bring this critical initiative to our community which will create savings and a better environment long-term.”

The City of Pawtucket has been working with the State, other communities and our current vendor over the past year for a cost effective and environmentally sensitive program.

“There are many benefits to automated collections that our residents will see, including, heavy-duty bins that decrease loose trash blowing around our neighborhoods and reduce access to trash for animals, a reduction in contamination of recycling with trash because of clear color-coded bins, and durable wheeled bins that tend to be easier for residents to take out and in from the curb than traditional carried trash cans. This will also assist DPW with compliance issues,” said DPW Director Eric Earls.

The City of Pawtucket and the current vendor have agreed to a five-year term with an additional five-year term if agreed upon, in writing, by the parties. The cost for the bins will be partially offset through the negotiated contract provisions including interest free acquisition. Each household will be provided a free bin per unit, which will eliminate the need for future barrel purchases.

“The City is getting a great deal for the over 27,000 units that will be purchased,” said Director Earls. “We look forward to get this necessary service implemented for our residents.”


June 9, 2020
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