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Department of Public Works Announces Plans for Road Repairs

PAWTUCKET- Today, the Department of Public Works outlined the City’s 2017 plans for repairing roadways. Throughout the winter months the Department of Public Works (DPW) patches potholes and other road hazards until the freeze-thaw winter weather cycle is over. In April, DPW will begin replacing roads, repairing potholes, and sealing cracks. 

“Investments in our roads are critical,” said Mayor Grebien. “In the past two years alone the City has repaved 45 miles of city streets. Thank you in-advance to our residents for their patience during road work.”

“The winter weather is not over yet, but our crews are out doing temporary repairs to problem areas until work can begin,” said DPW Director Bill Ankner. “We encourage residents to report potholes and road hazards to us.”

DPW plans to re-pave 12 miles of streets in 2017. Construction on each road segment is typically completed over a span of two weeks. Roadways are first milled with a machine which removes the top surface of the pavement. Once that top surface of pavement is removed, the DPW returns to lay the top surface of asphalt.

Crack sealing is also done on roads to prevent water and debris from entering and destroying the roadway base. The sealing, similar to caulking a window to prevent water from entering, is one of the most cost-effective forms of pavement management.

Signage will be posted along streets that are being repaved and affected residents will receive a letter outlining the process. There will be temporary parking restrictions in these areas. 

In addition, the City encourages residents to utilize the City’s “50-50” sidewalk repair program during repaving. DPW performs repairs to sidewalks, dividing repair costs evenly between the City and the property owners. Property owners interested in repairing the sidewalks in front of their property can submit an application by March 15, 2017.

If residents have any questions or would like to report a pothole or road hazard, please contact the DPW at 401-728-0500, ext. 284, or by email at dpw@pawtucketri.com.



February 23, 2017 

Conact: Lauren Greene 

401-728-0500 ext 358

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