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Central Falls & Pawtucket increase Dr. Michael Fine’s role including direct/daily interaction with the RIDOH on Covid-19 Response

Pawtucket/Central Falls, RI – Pawtucket Mayor Donald R. Grebien and Central Falls Mayor James A. Diossa have announced that Michael Fine, MD will transition to devoting all of his energies to the public health of both cities. Dr. Michael Fine, who has been central to the mayors’ strategy to combat the coronavirus in the two cities, will also have a direct/daily coordination with the State Department of Health to increase the collective covid-19 response.

“I am grateful for my time at Blackstone Valley Community Health Care and was thrilled to see the creation of the first urban neighborhood health station in the United States. Now, we face another unprecedented challenge,” said Dr. Michael Fine. “I look forward to continuing the groundbreaking work to combat the coronavirus.”

“Blackstone Valley healthcare has been a critical partner in our covid-19 response. With Blackstone’s help, we can defeat covid-19 together,” said Mayor Grebien. “We are pleased to have Dr. Fine’s expertise dedicated to combatting the virus coordinating with RIDOH.”

“We are living in different times where the priority is the public health of our residents. Central Falls and Pawtucket are fortunate to have had a relationship with Dr. Fine prior to the coronavirus pandemic,” said Mayor Diossa. “We thank the Blackstone Valley Community Health Care for extending Dr. Fine’s vacation and allowing him to devote all of his time to the covid-19 effort.”

Raymond J. Lavoie, Executive Director of Blackstone Valley Community Health Care, states that “Michael Fine, MD has ridden to the rescue on behalf of Blackstone Valley Community Health Care on several occasions during his years here at Blackstone. His care and concern for these two great communities extend back to his days at the Department of Health. We will strive to carry forward his vision and ideas as he rides to the rescue of Central Falls and Pawtucket in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic. We wish him well, and advise all to pay heed to his counsel.”

The BEAT COVID-19 initiative is a one-of-a-kind grassroots system to give people with symptoms in both Pawtucket and Central Falls – who otherwise might not feel comfortable getting tested or have access to a primary care doctor – access to testing, educational support on how to safely isolate, and resources to overcome hardships associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

Residents who are experiencing loss of taste and/or smell, fever, a bad cough, or other symptoms are asked to call 855-843-7260.


May 28, 2020
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