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Automated Trash Collection

DPW has been working with MTG on the rollout of the automated trash carts. Below are responses to frequently asked questions associated with this program.


401.728.0500 x 233 | email 


Question: When will the carts be delivered to the residents?

Answer: The Contractor has delivered all automated trash carts. If you did not receive yours, please contact the Department of Public Works at 401.728.0500 x 233 or email


Question: When will collections begin using the new trash carts?

Answer: Collections are scheduled to begin the week of August 11th


Question: What can I do with my old trash barrels?

Answer: Your old trash barrels can be used for yard waste collection.  If you’d like to get rid of your old trash barrels, you may bring them to the transfer station, located at 240 Grotto Avenue, or you may contact DPW to schedule appointments for bulky waste pick-up at 401.728.0500 x 233 or email


Question: How big are the new trash carts?

Answer: All residential units will receive a 65-gallon trash cart. For reference, the typical trash carts currently available at hardware stores and used for trash collection are approximately 32-gallons. Therefore, the carts provided as part of this program have twice that capacity.


Question: What if I have additional trash that does not fit inside the cart?

Answer: The City anticipates that the automated trash program will encourage recycling. Residents that are accumulating more trash than can fit into the provided trash cart should review the items that qualify for recycling and place them in the recycling cart. If residents are regularly filling their trash cart despite their recycling efforts, additional trash carts may be purchased through the DPW.


Question: Can I receive additional trash carts or exchange mine for a different size?

Answer: Yes you can by calling the Department of Public Works (DPW), 250 Armistice Boulevard.

Exchange 65-gallon cart for smaller 35-gallon cart – No charge
Exchange 65-gallon cart for larger 95-gallon cart – $20.00
Buy additional 65-gallon cart – $60.00
Buy additional 95-gallon cart – $75.00
Buy additional 95-gallon recycling cart – $30.00


Question: What can I put in the trash cart for disposal?

Answer: All trash must be in trash bag. No loose trash can be placed in the trash cart. No car parts, yard waste, soil, sand, rocks, lumber, brick or other construction material may be placed in the trash cart.


Question: How do I dispose of bulky waste?

Answer: Bulky waste will be collected every Thursday by appointment. Please call DPW to schedule the bulky waste pick up. DPW contact information is provided below. Appointments will be required for bulky waste collection starting the week of August 11, 2020. The first schedule bulky waste pickup will occur on Thursday, August 20, 2020.


Question: What do I do if my trash or recycling was not collected?

Answer: Please contact DPW if your trash or recycling is not collected and we will add your address to the “missed” list. This list is provided to the waste hauler at the end of each day. The waste hauler will typically pick up the missed items on the next day. DPW can be contacted at 401.728.0500 x 233 or email


Question: Will the City be issuing parking tickets for vehicles parked and blocking access to my trash carts?

Answer: The City does not currently plan to issue parking tickets for vehicles blocking access to the trash carts. The City requests that residents, neighbors, and visitor be courteous and park in such a manner as to NOT impede access to the trash carts. However, if your trash in not collected, please contact DPW to report that your trash has been “missed”.


Question: Who do I contact for more information on the program?

Answer: Please contact DPW for any questions and to schedule appointments for bulky waste pick-ups at 401.728.0500 x 233 or email


Question: Can I receive additional blue recycling carts?

Answer: Additional blue 95-gallon trash carts may be purchased by calling the Department of Public Works (DPW), 250 Armistice Boulevard for $30.00 for each additional cart.


Question: Why was the decision made to obtain 65-gallon trash carts?

Answer: The 65-gallon trash carts are standard throughout the majority of the state including other major cities such as Providence, Cranston, and Warwick.



Posted: July 12, 2020
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