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23rd Annual Photo Contest


 About the Contest:

This annual contest provides an opportunity to bring awareness to the daily life, historic locations and the ever changing landscape of Pawtucket through the lens of a camera. The contest is open to residents and non-residents alike, but the photo must be taken in Pawtucket. After a public call for photo contest themes was advertised, “Uniquely Pawtucket” submitted by Sandy Benson of Pawtucket was selected for this year’s photo theme. Scroll to the bottom for more information 

Because of the restrictions for safety issues on public spaces, group gatherings and distancing, all photo submissions were accepted on line this year, and all submitted photos will be on ‘exhibit’ on the City of Pawtucket website.  This will allow participants to safely submit photos for this annual exhibit. 

Contest Rules:

All photo submissions should follow the contest theme and must be taken in the city of Pawtucket within the past year. Only one entry per contestant will be accepted and must be submitted by the photographer entering the contest. Photo entries may be taken in color or B&W, but should be shot horizontally, since winning photos will be used in the City of Pawtucket Calendar. All photo submissions must be uploaded in JPEG format and should be of high quality and high-resolution dpi. Digital cameras or cell phones may be used to take your photo. All photo entries will be exhibited on the City of Pawtucket website, 

Deadline for entry was Friday, August 6, 2021.

All twelve winning photos will be used in the City of Pawtucket’s 2022 Calendar. The Mayor’s Choice Award will receive a $100 cash prize. First Place will receive a $75.00 cash prize. Second Place will receive a $50.00 cash prize and other remaining winners will receive gift certificates.   

All winning photos will be used in the City of Pawtucket’s 2021 Calendar.  For further information, please call (401) 273-5367. 


Submitted Images for the 2022 Calendar

All photographs posted on this site for the City of Pawtucket Photo Contest are on display as part of the City's Annual Photo Contest exhibit and are on this site strictly for viewing and are not in the public domain.  Photographs are not to be reproduced, copied or used  in any form without seeking permission from the photographer.


#1  Beauty on the Bike Path      Tracey E. Zeckhausen   Pawtucket, RI

#2 Robert Vincent  Pawtucket, RI

#3 Hiding in Plain Sight   J Peter Fuller   Pawtucket, RI

#4 Sunset at the Festival Pier     Paul Laferriere Pawtucket, RI

#5  Patterns   Carol McKiernan Pawtucket, RI

#6   Building of Great Memories  Dawn Lord  Pawtucket, RI

#7 The Best Reindeer - Patrick  Jenn Lombari  Pawtucket, RI

#8  Slater on a Sunny Sunday in Pawtucket  Carolyn Fontaine  Blackstone, MA

#9   David Lawlor Providence, RI

#10 Railroading in Pawtucket  Cory Scothon  Cumberland, RI

#11  The Famous Pawtucket S-Curve   Matthew Cloutier  Pawtucket, RI

#12 Love is a Four Legged Word Melanie Sak   Pawtucket, RI

#13 Serenity in Slater Park    Janice Evonska  Providence, RI

#14 Hope  Arianna Mercado  Pawtucket, RI

#15  The Beech at Oak Grove  Colleen Fox Choiniere  Pawtucket, RI

#16  Two Ways To See Things      Mary Healey  Pawtucket, RI

#17  Slater Mill at the Golden Hour  Fred DeGregorio Greenville, RI

#18  Serenity    Bob Matuski  Brentwood, TN

#19   Slater Park            Resident        Kathy Frechette   Pawtucket, RI

#20  Frozen In           Time           Brendan Johnson   North Smithfield, RI

#21  Spring Evening on the Blackstone River  Brian Lavall  Pawtucket, RI

#22   Winter Wonderland Train Station           Dawn Goff  Pawtucket, RI

#23    Because   He's Mine, I Walk the Line            Danielle Kulaga   Pawtucket, RI

#24  Slater Park in December    Louise Brochu    Pawtucket, RI

#25  Pawtucket Winter Wonderland   Erika Berrio  Warwick, RI

#26  Backyard Picnic  Lisa Azevedo  Pawtucket, RI

#27  Winter Wonderland   Kerrin Bergeron  Pawtucket, RI

#28  Pawtucket Cruz Night    Shirley Ward   Pawtucket, RI

#29  Slater Park Pond 7-23-21    Stephen T. Delaney  Pawtucket, RI

#30  the clouds, the river and Pawtucket     Demi Pita   Riverside, RI

#31  Enjoying Len's Hot Weiner at Slater Park   Elaine Sandy  Providence, RI

#32  I'm So Confused - Someone Told Me There Was A Carousel Around Here !           Donna Houle  Pawtucket, RI

#33  Slater Mill Reflection    Vinnie DeSanto  Lincoln, RI

#34  City Hall    Jax Adele   Pawtucket,  RI

#35  Random Acts    Linda C. Dugas  Pawtucket, RI

#36  Patch and Cy - Morning Stroll Through Slater Park    Paul G. Arrighie  Pawtucket, RI

#37  Calm Before the Storm         Lillian Rivera  Pawtucket, RI

#38  Reflections    Lilly Almeida  Pawtucket, RI

#39  Not A Farewell Wave    Richard Hebert  Pawtucket, RI

#40  Rain Barrel   Gus Thomas   Rehoboth, MA

#41  The Sentry    Karen Callan  Pawtucket, RI

#42  Sitting Pretty  Holly Costa   Pawtucket, RI

#43  Geese at Slater Mill       Ryan Varone  Cranston, RI

#44  Lavender in the Garden on Benefit Street   Meralise Conley  Pawtucket, RI

#45 Inner Workings - City Hall Tower      Herb Weiss  Pawtucket, RI

#46  Blackstone River Bridge Catwalk          Steve Petit  Fountain Valley, CA

#47  Sunflower - Taft St. Community Garden         Brandy Jenkins  No. Attle., MA

#48  I Just Wanted To Say Hello   Ann Maddix  Pawtucket, RI

#49  Pawtucket Fire Ladderman  Austin Daniels  Warren, RI

#50  Pollen - It's What's for Dinner   Chris Colson   Pawtucket, RI

#51    Pawtucket Peeks at Leeks          Lindsay Adler    Pawtucket, RI

#52  Break-through       Louise Zacharie  Cumberland, RI

#53  Lampost    Denise Thomas   No. Attle. MA

#54  Slater Mill From Afar  Scott Hennigan  Pawtucket, RI

#55 River's Reflection      Kayin Freeman  Pawtucket, RI

#56  Hidden Gem    Michelle T. Coutu   Pawtucket, RI

#S -1            Nathan DaGraca Grade 5         Curtis School

#S-2             Hunter Reed  Grade 5          Fallon Memorial

#S-3                  Jack Andrews   Grade 5         Fallon Memorial

#S-4                   Kyle Larivee  Grade 5         Fallon Memorial

#S-5            Michael Curry Grade 5         Fallon Memorial

#S-6             Abigail Ackerley - Grade 5 -  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-7               Aiden Ariza - Grade 5 - Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-8                  Alex Allen -  Grade 5 - Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-9                 Amir Sims -   Grade 5 -            Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-10        Anthony Andrews - Grade 5 - Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-11             Arielle Cruz - Grade 5  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-12        Cameron Decena -Grade 5  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-13    Chrismailin        De Los Santos - Grade 5 -  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-14            Emma Tregaskis - Grade 5 -  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-15            Evelyn Gomes - Grade 5 -  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-16               Faith Morgan - Grade 5 - Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-17               Isaac Ferreira - Grade 5 - Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-18             Jacob Desrosiers - Grade 5 -            Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-19              Jason Novo - Grade 5  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-20             Jayden Fortes - Grade 5 - Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-21              Jelani Pemberton - Grade 5 - Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-22         Jennifer Maduagwuna - Grade 5 -  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-23             Jessica Maduagwuna - Grade 5 -  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-24               John Noboa - Grade 5 -  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-25            Joshua Makor - Grade 5 - Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-26            Ju'nyis Cordovez - Grade 5 - Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-27           Kamille Boardley - Grade 5 - Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-28          Kehinde Daramola - Grade 5 -  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-29              Laura Osorio - Grade 5 -  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-30          Marcus Duarte - Grade 5 - Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-31            Melvin Wilson - Grade 5 -  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-32            Mercy Gonzalez - Grade 5 -Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-33             Nayeli Rodriguez - Grade 5 - Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-34              Nyko Macdougall - Grade 5 -  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-35            Rafael Oshinjo - Grade 5 - Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-36               Ryan Jn Baptiste - Grade 5             Nathanael  Greene Elementary

#S-37            Sariah Jannini - Grade 5 -   Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-38             Sariah Lopes - Grade 5 -          Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-39               Scott Perrino - Grade 5 -          Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-40          Serenity Davis - Grade 5 -  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-41              Taiwo Daramola - Grade 5 -  Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-42             Taylor Kane - Grade 5 -          Nathanael Greene Elementary

#S-43             Valery Yessi - Grade 5 - Nathanael Greene Elementary


About our Judges:

Butch Adams is an award-winning photographer formerly from The Pawtucket Times and recipient of several awards from the National Press Association, the New England Press Association and the RI Press Association for his photography.

Richard Benjamin has been a photojournalist for over 40 years, 27 of them at the Providence Journal.  Today he is a “fine art photographer” and has captured various locations many times at different times of the day and in different seasons of the year.  He aspires to capture the magic of Rhode Island, which includes photos that show the lifestyle and how people in Rhode Island enjoy simply living here, which ultimately brings about a greater appreciation for the smallest state in the union.   Richard is also a provider of stock photos of Rhode Island, in addition to publishing several books on his photography.

Christy Christopoulos, a native Rhode Islander born and raised - is a Pawtucket based photographer who opened his studio in 1986.  With over 34 years of experience in photography, he specializes in product and portrait photography and has had the opportunity to work on numerous and exciting accounts as well as all major retail stores. Some of his accounts include BJ’s, GE,  J.C. Penny, Jareds, Kay Jewelers,  Macys, PaineWebber, Pawtucket Credit Union, Reebok, Target , Walmart and Zayes. He has won several awards for his work, including a number of Kodak gallery awards, Fuji awards, and the Mead paper award.

Peter Goldberg is a Rhode Island based freelance photographer specializing in editorial, assignment and public relations photography. Peter is known for his creative, yet non-obtrusive shooting style and his ability to tell stories and capture people in comfortable and natural ways. Recently Peter has become interested in photographing birds and learning about bird habitats. Peter has had a home and studio in Pawtucket for over 20 years.

Aaron Usher is a Rhode Island based commercial photographer specializing in architecture, interiors, and fine-art photography. With an over 40 year career, his clients are mainly companies in the building industry, such as architects & interior designers, as well as, web and graphic designers.  This work is used to market his clients’ businesses in magazines, web sites, and company brochures.  Aaron's personal work featuring Ice Abstractions and Unusual Juxtapositions, is exhibited in galleries throughout the region.  He lives in Pawtucket with his wife, Lynn and their golden retriever, Lily.


Some of the themes from past contests have been:

(2020) "Hiding in Plain Sight"; (2019) “Pawtucket Works”; (2018) “Pawtucket:  A Closer Look; (2017) “The Flavor of Pawtucket;  (2016) "Pawtucket’s Color Palette”,  (2015) “Pawtucket:  A Different Perspective, (2014) " Piece of Pawtucket",  (2013) “All in a Day’s Work”, (2012) “The Four Seasons of Pawtucket”, (2011) “Reflections of Pawtucket,  (2010) “Faces of Pawtucket”,  (2009) “Doorways & Gateways in Pawtucket”, (2008) “Paws (or Pause) in Pawtucket”; (2007) “Historic Places in Pawtucket”;   (2006) “Pawtucket People, Places or Things”; (2005) “Discovering Pawtucket”; (2004)  “Taking Pride in Our Neighborhoods”; (2003)  “Pawtucket Mills: Our Past and Our Future” and (2000, 2001, 2002) “Pawtucket: A City in Focus”.


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